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WIP: The General's Dragon

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The General's Dragon

Drawchilde: Book III

138,000 of 200,000 words

The Burdened Boy

Drawchilde: Book I


Vaquera's Bronc

A Stefani Wilder Novel

complete at 96,000 words

Akkeda Chasm

A Novella of Bydaira

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Demigods (working title)

standalone fantasy novel

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The Panther's Girl

Drawchilde: Book II

complete at 200,000 words

Cover Reveal: Brinlin Isle

February 16, 2016 - Reading time: ~1 minute

It's been over a decade since the War of Diodsfall. Marim, the child who released a monster from its prison, is grown up now. With her scarred throat and her battered tessila, no one can forget her roll in that conflict, least of all Marim herself. So she signs on with a merchant vessel, intending to escape her past by sailing the high seas.

Instead, Marim's tessila spooks the sailors. She's put off in Carreg Dinas, the largest of the Fog Isles. There she meets a dying boy. She knows she can save his life, but only if she unlocks the buried secrets of the island in time.