Current Projects

Current Status: Writing

WIP: Vaquera's Bronc + Akkeda Chasm

Daily Goal: 2,000 words

Vaquera's Bronc

A Stefani Wilder Novel

55,000 of 90,000 words

Akkeda Chasm

A Novella of Bydaira

1,400 of 32,000 words

The Burdened Boy

Drawchilde: Book I


Memories of Dragons

Drawchilde: Book III

66,145 of 200,000 words

Demigods (working title)

standalone fantasy novel

14,000 of 250,000 words

The Panther's Girl

Drawchilde: Book II

200,000 of 200,000 words


This website serves as a simple place for me to post news about my writerly endeavors. For links to my books, mailing lists, and various other info, see my official author websites: