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The Burdened Boy

Drawchilde: Book I


Vaquera's Gold

A Stefani Wilder Novel

complete at 94,000 words

The General's Dragon

Drawchilde: Book III

200,000 of 200,000 words

Vaquera's Bronc

A Stefani Wilder Novel


Akkeda Chasm

A Novella of Bydaira

1,400 of 32,000 words

Demigods (working title)

standalone fantasy novel

14,000 of 250,000 words

The Panther's Girl

Drawchilde: Book II

complete at 200,000 words

A New Blog

November 18, 2018 - Reading time: ~1 minute

It's drawing close to end of another year, and it's been a pretty good one. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I literally build websites for a living, I've been having blog problems. This has resulted in my last several posts never actually making it out into the world. Writing a post only for it to be immediately lost is maddening, and I've not had the wherewithal to rewrite the lost content.

What I have done is build myself a new blog. And this one is hoping to straddle the divide between my pen names. Right now I have work out as both Robin Stephen and Stefani Wilder. Readers want updates. But maintaining one blog is hard enough. Multiples seems impossible.

So, for now, this is where I'm going to post all the updates for both names. And hopefully I'll be able to start showing up with news more often.