Love and horses in the desert- “I love it when a story draws me into its world”

A Man Who Rides got its first review. Five stars! Original review from by AFM:

I love it when a story draws me into its world; when it comes to life in my imagination and I have my own personal cinematic experience. (That’s also why it’s usually so disappointing to watch a film adaptation of a great book). Ms. Wilder gave me a wonderful afternoon of just that experience! I’m looking forward to more of her stories, and am excited to see to what depths she’ll take her characters. I hope that more Tucson-based stories are forthcoming, as it’s a gorgeous part of the country that doesn’t have nearly enough stories set there.

This book is a nice change from the bodice-rippers that are so prevalent on Amazon, focusing instead on the relationships and self discovery. A very pleasant read. Keep them coming!

ebook available now, paperback edition coming soon

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