interview with Robin Stephen and review of ‘Another Year or Two’

I was lucky enough to have recently been featured on the blog Amanda’s Nose in a Book. She reviewed Another Year or Two and also interviewed me.

From the review:

“The thing that I liked the most about Another Year or Two was that it was very character-driven. Since there were 5 main characters whose point of view we saw throughout the novel, I was able to see each character as they grew and developed throughout the story.”

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From the interview:

Amanda: Why did you choose to write Another Year or Two in blog form and in the perspective of five different characters?

Robin: I started Another Year or Two after finishing a draft of one of my fantasy novels, and I wanted to shift gears and challenge myself to work on something very character driven, with an emphasis on developing a unique style of writing for each character. I also wanted to explore the idea of seeing events through a number of specific lenses.”

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