ink on the sheets – notes from my childhood

I wasn’t the easiest kid to raise. I had a few habits that drove my mother crazy. One of them was getting so engrossed in books I would fail to hear anything happening in the world around me (calls to come to dinner, reminders to go to bed, bomb blasts, you know…). The other was a tendency to write in bed.

No, I’m not playing the fortune cookie game where you append ‘in bed’ to a sentence to make your future prospects more interesting. I really did write in bed. If I wasn’t in bed I was on the floor, lying on my stomach, pen in hand, writing.

The problem with writing in bed wasn’t so much the writing part as the accidentally falling asleep on my pen and waking up with blobs of blue ink all over my sheets and pajamas part.

I’d like to say I look back on this now with a knowing smile and a sad shake of my head, having long left this silly practice behind.

Except, I still write in bed. Well, actually, I’ve grown slightly more versatile. I write in one of three places: in bed, on the couch, or on the floor of my office.

The big change is now I do most of my writing on a computer. Since I can’t really lie on my stomach and comfortably operate a keyboard, I now usually lie on the couch, in full-on recline mode, laptop on lap, eyes often closed, and patter away. But if I’m not using a computer it’s still stomach writing for me, all the way.

Why, you might ask, do I write in such a ridiculous position? I must confess I have no idea. It just works for me.

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