“I fell in love with all of the characters” – new review on Goodreads

There’s a new five star review of Another Year or Two up on Goodreads! Original review by latybug:

I loved this book! It is a sweet, simple story of people living in an everyday world.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a good adventure story full of drama and magic, but this story was a great read for me because I could relate to it. I fell in love with all of the characters. They were regular people, going about their daily lives in a small town, just like me. They had their share of heartaches, but have learned to celebrate the small triumphs and to find something to be thankful for in every situation.

I enjoyed how the book was presented in a series of blog entries, and how the reader was often able to see the same situation from two or more perspectives. It was also neat to see all the different personalities coming out in the blog entries themselves. Lara’s posts had some slang phrases and lots of run-on sentences, which is exactly how many teenage girls talk. Wendy’s posts showed a lot of uncertainty with technical situations (often resolved by Kyle) and she had a tendency to post comments on Kyle’s blog that could potentially be embarrassing for him, but he took it in stride.

I would have loved to see blogs written by Chad, Taylor, and Annette.

The story had a happy ending, but was left pretty open – perhaps for future novels with these characters? I want to keep reading their blogs. 🙂

I would recommend this book to people who need a little bit of a slow-down, feel-good story to keep them grounded in this hectic life.

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