confession: I have an alter ego, and she wrote a romance novel

A Man Who Rides

I might have a genre problem

It would appear that instead of picking one style of writing and sticking with it, I feel the need to write books that are vastly dissimilar. And thus I find myself on the verge of releasing three different titles in three different genres. In one year.

My most recent publication is A Man Who Rides. I call it ‘contemporary western romance.’ It’s about two people falling in love, and there are horses involved.

It’s a romance in the sense that it’s a love story. But it’s not the sort of romance novel you should hide from your children.

so why the pen name?

When I first set out to write this novel, I did it because it sounded fun. I thought it would be entertaining to explore the most popular genre in the US. Still, romance novels don’t tend to get a lot of respect. I thought I might want to distance myself from the finished work. I thought I might not ‘claim’ it at all. Thus, Stefani Wilder was born.

Now that the book is done, I don’t feel the need to pretend I didn’t write it. In fact, I actually grew pretty fond of Erin and Clint and the Tipped Z Ranch. While I could publish it under my ‘real’ name, I had fun being Stefani. I believe she intends to write an entire series of ‘A Man Who’ books. So I figure I’ll give her her autonomy.

For now, Stefani’s books are ebook only. You can get A Man Who Rides on For more about Stefani Wilder, see her website. (Yes, I am that big a nerd.)

I want my copy!

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