Bray and Books – interview with Robin Stephen and review of ‘Another Year or Two’

My author self and my most recent publication appeared a little while ago on the blog Bray and Books. Tracy reviewed Another Year or Two and also interviewed me.

From the review:

“There aren’t monsters or magic; it’s just very, very human, and beautifully so. While it took me a bit to get into it, it wasn’t the book’s fault; Stephen’s writing is beautiful, and each character’s voice is different from the others. Not to mention, each character is incredibly age appropriate. ”

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From the interview:

How difficult was it to write from so many characters’ perspective?

It was harder for some characters than others. Madison, for instance, wrote herself. Casey was the hardest. Getting him to come through consistently and in a way that felt realistic was definitely a challenge. I spent a lot of time developing their little tics.”

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