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Love and horses in the desert- “I love it when a story draws me into its world”

A Man Who Rides got its first review. Five stars! Original review from by AFM:

I love it when a story draws me into its world; when it comes to life in my imagination and I have my own personal cinematic experience. (That’s also why it’s usually so disappointing to watch a film adaptation of a great book). Ms. Wilder gave me a wonderful afternoon of just that experience! I’m looking forward to more of her stories, and am excited to see to what depths she’ll take her characters. I hope that more Tucson-based stories are forthcoming, as it’s a gorgeous part of the country that doesn’t have nearly enough stories set there.

This book is a nice change from the bodice-rippers that are so prevalent on Amazon, focusing instead on the relationships and self discovery. A very pleasant read. Keep them coming!

ebook available now, paperback edition coming soon

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confession: I have an alter ego, and she wrote a romance novel

A Man Who Rides

I might have a genre problem

It would appear that instead of picking one style of writing and sticking with it, I feel the need to write books that are vastly dissimilar. And thus I find myself on the verge of releasing three different titles in three different genres. In one year.

My most recent publication is A Man Who Rides. I call it ‘contemporary western romance.’ It’s about two people falling in love, and there are horses involved.


why I don’t NaNoWriMo


It’s November, and for many people in the writing community, this means participating in NaNoWriMo (also known as National Novel Writing Month).

but not me

When you are a writer, even if you don’t do NaNoWriMo, being active in any kind of online writing community makes it impossible not to be aware of what happens in November. Twitter is ablaze with word count updates, blog posts about NaNo are everywhere, and writing forums are flooded with the bleary posts of writers up late banging out words, words, and more words.


a bridge, two beers, and a rusted wagon


“Let’s take our little blue glasses and pull the wagon across the bridge.”

My sister says this in all seriousness. The wagon in question is old. It is potentially as old as my brother, who is 33. When the wagon and my brother were first united, it was red and my brother’s hair was fine and straw-colored. Now the wagon is a patchwork of rust and faded paint. My brother’s hair has changed as well. It has darkened to a pale sand brown and is now offset by a beard.


do you make or consume? (or why I don’t like tablets)

oh the colors


I don’t like tablets very much. I didn’t like them when they first came out, and more exposure to them has done nothing to change my opinion for the better.

Yesterday, I read an article that ridiculed Microsoft for focusing on making a tablet with a keyboard, saying essentially that Microsoft didn’t know what tablets are for, which (according to this article) is to have fun.