“A Turnpost page turner” – five star review

More reviews rolling in for Another Year or Two. First the five star one:

original review of Another Year or Two – posted on amazon.com by Kat B

In Another Year or Two, Stephen paints a graceful portrait of life in a small, pastoral town for a handful of its occupants as they grow individually and together, their lives, for the most part, converging and complementing one another. The author masters a range of voices and tones (complete with orthographic tics) through a series of blog posts “by” the characters realistic enough to create a relatable world but without the gritty naturalism often found in internal monologues.

The reader is thankfully saved from the epidemic of oversharing all too common to blogs circa 2002, instead only catching glimpses below the surface of Stephen’s myriad Midwesterners. This perspectivally-rippling format and the peeks it provides into the lives frozen in pixels caught in this nearly-but-not-quite voyeuristic crossline leave the reader wanting more of this town of Turnpost–and of Stephen’s authorly abilities. The various voices give Stephen a chance to display a wealth of writerly acumen; the characters range from fifteen-year-olds to recovering divorcees and twenty-somethings. Through their interactions on and off screen (or page, if you will), the characters write (right) their lives, finding themselves and sometimes even more. Another Year or Two is a quiet pleasure to read, one all too quickly devoured.

And I got my first three star review. I suppose it had to happen. At least it’s a nice three star review.

original review of Another Year or Two – posted on amazon.com by Rebecca H

I enjoyed this easy read. Another Year or Two is a cute small town story that involves characters that are everyday people – likeable and relatable.

I probably wouldn’t recommend this book to others or read it again but did enjoy reading.

So if you are looking for a light read, like horses, and the wonder of growing up, take a read!

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